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Purchasing jewellery is usually something special. It's a special moment that you only take leisure in a few times a year, or even once every few years. That's because jewellery is something that's precious, that you take care of to last you a lifetime. Something that you hold near and dear to you, that you wear on special occasions, to celebrate life's most memorable moments.

Is jewellery care always on your mind? Sometimes on your mind? Well, how would you care for your precious jewellery then? Firstly, caring for your jewellery depends on three main questions.

1. How many karats of gold is your jewellery made up of?

2. How often do you wear your jewellery?

3. What type of activities are you involved in when wearing your jewellery?

Let's address these questions one by one.

1. How many karats of gold is your jewellery made up of?

Generally speaking, the higher the karats of gold in your jewellery, the less you should worry about caring for it. Lower grade jewellery with less karats is more susceptible to environmental effects and are likely to tarnish faster, which means you will need to care for them more. So, less karats = more care, more karats = less care.

To read more on karats and what that means click here.

2. How often do you wear your jewellery?

Simple concept to understand. The more you wear your jewellery, the more likely it is to get exposed to environmental effects and pressures, the more you will have to care for it.

3. What type of activities are you involved in when wearing your jewellery?

If you are performing labour intensive activities, such as working with your hands, like washing dishes and gardening, then your jewellery will likely be exposed to chemicals and be subject to pressures and may end up damaged, deformed, or discoloured. If you are going to be outside under the sun for long hours, enduring the heat, you need to be very careful.

Now that I understand the basics, what steps can I take in caring for my jewellery?

  • Long exposure to light and heat is never favourable as a rule of thumb, especially with jewellery that has precious gemstones such as amethyst, topaz, and pearls. Like our skin, long exposure to the sun will damage and fade away the natural brilliance of your jewellery.
  • Always use a travel pouch or a travel case when travelling. This doesn't mean only while travelling abroad, but also small trips. A travel pouch is your perfect, no-bulk accomplice to take care of your jewellery and prevent them from being exposed to environmental effects, pressure, and scratching.
  • Wear your jewellery after applying make up and perfumes! The last thing you want to do is spray chemicals and smudge unknown substances on your jewellery only to find out that they've reacted just because you weren't aware.
  • Do not bathe while wearing your jewellery! This may come along as common sense, but you'd be surprised how many people bathe and shower in their jewellery. Same concept applies here, you don't want to expose your jewellery to prolonged periods of hot water and chemicals from our shampoos, soaps, conditioners, body wash... etc.
  • Use warm water if your jewellery is dirty and you want to clean it. The point here is that you shouldn't really be just any cleaning solution that you have at home. If anything, you can purchase a commercial cleaning solution from a nearby jeweller. Although warm water with soap can be okay, you should always be careful.
  • Use a jewellery polishing cloth for best results. The truth is that jewellery cloths are specifically made for jewellery and are not a generic microfiber cloth. With a jewellery cloth, you can wipe and scrub away without having to worry about scratching or damaging your jewellery, even if it has gemstones embedded.
  • Safely store away your jewellery when you're not wearing them. Keep them in the box that they come in to prevent them from oxidizing and reacting with air particles. You should also check up on your jewellery and give them a wipe every so often.
All in all, here are the main things that you need to keep in mind:
  1. Prevent long exposure to light and heat
  2. Use appropriate pouches and cases when travelling
  3. Jewellery and make up and perfumes don't mix
  4. Do not bathe, go swimming or attend a spa with your jewellery
  5. Use warm water for cleaning off dirt or residue
  6. Avoid using even rubbing alcohol especially on gemstones
  7. Use a jewellery polishing cloth
  8. Safely store away your jewellery when they're not being worn
  9. If you need to clean away tarnishing always consult with a jeweler
  10. Never polish or clean damaged or broken jewellery on your own

 And here you have it! These things are essentials in knowing how to care for your precious jewellery.

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