News and Updates: June - August 2017

Over the past few months, we have been working on developing and enhancing Katerji's customer experience that will position the brand in the top-tier of luxury.

As we are building this brand from the ground up, we would like to assure you that everything included in the development of Katerji is innovated in-house by Katerji. The transparency of the brand is also something that we would like to maintain, and we intend on releasing regular updates to keep you in the loop. As we continue to share with you our news, and updates, we encourage you to give feedback and share with us how you feel about the direction that the brand is moving in. In the end, Katerji will be crafted with you at the forefront.

So let's talk about the highlights of what we have been working on:

1. We have partnered with a Canadian industry leader in packaging to put together Katerji branded gift bags, ribbons, jewellery boxes, among other items that will compose bits and pieces of the packaging assortment.

We see packaging as important to us as the actual jewellery that you purchase. After all, it is something that you will take home with you, and we believe even that should be memorable and worth keeping for a long time. Having said that, the packaging assortment we have chosen is naturally premium, and we're sure that you will fall in love with it. Surely, this is also part of the commitment to further develop and enhance your experience with Katerji.

2. We are in the process of finalizing a complimentary post-purchase customer experience package, which is delivered by hand, to your door, by a Katerji team member.

This interaction will be one of Katerji's signature customer experience gestures. We believe that this interaction with our customers will help us achieve new heights in customer satisfaction, and customer experience. The complimentary package will include a travel pouch, a specialized jewellery cleaning and polishing cloth, a dessert (yes, that's right, something sweet to arouse your taste buds), and a personal letter which is signed by a member of Katerji's executive team. In addition to this gesture, we are also developing a few other means to further connect with you.

3. A new collection is about to surface that will capture the very meaning of precision craftsmanship in designs that are simply captivating.

Every piece of Katerji jewellery has a name and a meaning of its own. Though they are all named after different flowers, each flower represents its own set of meanings and symbolism that is in line with the style and design of the jewellery. This collection to be released combines traditional design with an untraditional finish. 

4. We are sponsoring Sahra on the Lake, a Toronto boat cruise which is set to take place this month, on the 27th of August at noon.

This event is hosted on a luxurious ship in Toronto, the Northern Spirit featuring limo service, live DJ music, fine dine lunch, great company, views, and lifestyle experience. This endeavour will be one of many lifestyle events to be sponsored by Katerji. Information on this event can be found at Alternatively, you can call 416-997-1309, or 416-949-7747 for tickets and more information. As a sponsor to this event, all Katerji's customers receive a discount on tickets. We must also mention that a noteworthy attendee of this event is our very own Asmaa Katerji, the founder of Katerji.

5. We are introducing an exciting new product line very soon, which is intended to be the perfect piece of jewellery for almost every occasion.

We anticipate that this product line will be a top selection at Katerji. Well then... what is it? You will have the opportunity to custom order your name in a gold necklace, or bracelet, with your birthstone, or any other gem attached to it. There are several ways to go about it, and we have come up with a few designs to help you decide how you want it to look. Since this is custom ordered, crafted from scratch, the possibilities are endless in terms of aesthetics, design, and style. Jewellery in this manner, especially when presented as a gift will hold eternal meaning and love in the heart of it's wearer, it is literally yours, with your name on it, and nobody else's.

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